President Daniel's Addresses Students and Staff on How to Handle Difficult Situations

Speech writing is an important piece of Public Relations writing.  This sample will provide you with exactly what you can expect for future service writing projects.

Male Speaker

           Thank you to each and every one of you for attending the first day of the Verbal De-escalation Event. This event is to help all of you to remain calm and react more effectively when confronted with anger, to try to reduce the chance of escalation to physical aggression. It is imperative that we all come together to be able to handle aggressive altercations in a calm manner simply because we never know when a situation can arise (Purdue University News, 2021). As the president of Purdue University, it is imperative that you and I connect and remain on the same page when it comes to how we are all handling difficult situations on campus as well as outside of campus. It is important that I set an example to all students as well as communicate how important this skill is now and in your future.

            How we handle a difficult situation is crucial to your personal and professional growth as a student and a working professional. There may come a time when you may be in a situation that you have no control over, however you do have control over how you react.

That is why we have invited the Purdue Police Department to join us today in helping to kickstart our conversation around reacting to confrontations in the best way possible.

            Understanding certain cues from other people can help you to be prepared for a confrontation ahead of time. The Purdue Police Department will be sharing insight on body language, posture, and emphatic language, all important skills to have whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation. When you are able to conduct yourself in a calm and respectful manner, you are able to diffuse the situation rather than creating a much more tense environment. Learning these skills, especially from experienced individuals such as the Purdue Police Department will set you up for success.

            We are all here to support you during your time here at Purdue and the first step is to ensure that you have the best skills at your fingertips to succeed in good situations as well as difficult ones. We want to ensure that you always find yourself in safe experiences and encourage all of you to apply these skills to your everyday life. I know I will be.



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