Heart Health Issues for Woman

This particular sample writing exemplifies a local press release to bring more information to the public around heart health for women in the Las Vegas area. Full details around my strategy are included. 

Women Walking

Las Vegas, Nevada -- Heart health is incredibly important for everyone to pay attention to, specifically, women are at a 20% higher risk for heart failure or dying within five years after a heart attack than men. (American Heart Association, 2020) Heart disease is also the leading cause of death in women in the United States. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020) Prevention of heart attacks is a great place to start for women to avoid becoming a risk within those who have suffered after a heart attack. There is significant research that suggests several things that women can do to prevent heart attacks, especially if done early in life.

            Here in Las Vegas, Dignity Health is offering multiple services for women to start taking action in preventative action towards a more health-positive lifestyle. At any Dignity Health across the city, you can now receive cholesterol and blood pressure screenings monthly. They are also offering classes to help educate citizens about a heart-healthy lifestyle. You can also receive nutrition consultations with a registered nutritionist (Stay Heart Healthy, 2021).


            As heart health is an important issue for women, especially with it being the leading cause of death in women in the United States, there needs to be a communication campaign that is centered around this issue. I believe there is several aspects and news releases that can be released in order to educate consumers and the masses about why heart health for women is so important, providing the scientific evidence as well as preventable life changes women can take to avoid becoming at risk.

            Heart health awareness month starts on February 1, 2021, and starting off our communication campaign strong we need to start with a trade publication for a health magazine such as Women’s Health Magazine. Also entering into other target markets that may not be focused on health but will come into contact with the lead demographic we want to reach, such as a lifestyle form of press, Vanity Fair.

            A national release should be included in the communication plan to bring awareness around issues regarding heart health on a national level and answering all five W’s, (who, what, when, where, and why). Using scientific evidence and leading health experts in this field to draw attention to more women who need to be paying more attention to preventable actions towards heart health.

            Producing lifestyle news releases on our website is also incredibly valuable to reach consumers and the masses who may be researching heart health for women on the internet. Bringing more awareness on a weekly basis touching on different topics each week such as heart issues with women and why they are so detrimental, preventable actions that can be taken early in life, how to start living a healthier life for a healthier heart. Each of these news releases will be in honor of Heart Health Awareness month. Providing quotations from doctors and leading experts in the field can provide even more credibility to our news releases as well photos of a healthy heart and a damaged heart.

            Staying consistent with our communication strategy is important especially during Heart Health Awareness month. It is important that we provide consumers and the masses with as much relevant information in order for women to begin paying closer attention to their heart health. The more awareness we can bring into the press as well as news releases the higher opportunity, we can get Infront of more individuals who need to see the information.


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