Digital Vaccine Passport for COVID Vaccination and Testing Required for Travel in the United States and Globally

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Safe Traveling

By: Ailina Calip
February 14, 2021

Las Vegas, NV—A digital vaccine passport proving that an individual has been vaccinated and/or tested for COVID19 prior to travel may soon be required in order to travel throughout the United States and globally. As each country’s government is working on an app that will work on a global scale, we can see that many countries are leaning towards this type of technology in order to provide a safer traveling environment for all those that are involved. Not only are government officials all for a digital vaccine passport, but airline organizations are also in support of requiring all travelers to have a digital passport providing details of the vaccinations and/or COVID19 testing results.

Proof of vaccinations is not a new concept, nor is it a new concept for traveling. "Everybody who has traveled internationally to countries that require vaccination against malaria, diphtheria, and other things has had yellow cards," said Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Linux Foundation Public Health, a technology-focused organization helping public health authorities combat Covid-19 around the world.” (NYTimes) A digital passport showing proof of vaccinations is exactly like a yellow card but with a digital aspect to it. A digital vaccine passport opens up the opportunity for airports and airline companies to streamline the process of ensuring that all travelers are safe. Ensuring that employees of the airport and the airlines are safe from spreading COVID. Equally important as well, is to ensure that the spread of COVID is minimal and no longer being passed along for viral spread in other countries especially those that have gotten the virus under control.

The biggest hold on pushing the button for an app to begin using a digital vaccine passport is simply choosing the right app that can be used on a global scale. With limitations stemming from certain countries, it is important to consider what challenges may lie ahead for countries with limited technology access, while still providing the best type of technology to other countries.


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