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Why Self-Love is so Important No Matter Your Relationship Status

The month of February has always been the month of Love for me. There is always so much conversation that goes around about how Valentine's day was created by corporations who just want to make money off of us consumers. Regardless of why it was created, I Love that there is a day in the year where we can celebrate the Love that we have for each other, and not only for each other but the Love we have for our self as well.

Earlier this month our guests, The DM Show, made a great point about the oxygen mask mentality. You know when you get onto the airplane and the flight attendants tell you to put your own oxygen mask on in an emergency before you put your child's mask on or anyone else that may be needing assistance? Mothers are the worst at this because it is built into many of our DNA's to nurture and care for others and many of us forget to Love ourselves, to care for ourselves, to make sure that we are breathing and enjoying this crazy shit we call life.

The concept behind self-Love is so easy when you read about it on the internet or a book, or a blog such as this one, the concept is easy but actually implementing it is hard.

Here are 3 reasons why

1. You Feel Guilty

You feel guilty because when you focus on yourself for the first time, it feels like you are taking away from taking care of your family, your friends or whoever it is that you are caring for. That guilt is normal, but your family and your Loved ones should surely understand when you take some time out for yourself. It is vital for all of us.

2. You Feel Selfish

You feel selfish for taking away from those that you are caring for 100% of the time so when you start to do things for yourself it feels awkward and you associate that with selfishness. This feeling is also normal. Many of us, if not all of us, will feel selfish at some point but look at it this way, if you take care of yourself for even 30-minutes a day you still have 97% of your day to focus on your Loved ones, I don't think that is selfish at all!

3. You Don't Know How

People say all the time, "focus on you and Love yourself" and you might be like me where you are nodding your head and you're like, "FUCK YES BITCH!! I DO NEED TO LOVE MYSELF!" But in your head you're probably like, "how do I even do that? Do I go home and hug myself, what the fuck do I do??" Obviously I have been there before so keep reading and I'll tell you how to start...

So just like the oxygen mask mentality, you can't truly care for others if you aren't caring about yourself. You can't expect to save other people if you aren't alive yourself, right?

If you are feeling like you want to start this whole self-Love thing, here are some simple and yet effective ways to show yourself some self-Love.