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Ailina C. was founded in 2015 offering digital marketing consulting. As the years have progressed the business has shifted to a self-brand for Ailina to encompass all of her projects. However, digital marketing is still her arena when it comes to helping small businesses build their brands, especially on digital platforms. Her focus has been on consulting new and small business owners to build their digital platforms in a strategic way to create new customers and be efficient with their time online. 

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Social Media Strategic Planning

We will help you utilize your social media platforms to start growing your business and actively be found on social platforms for your business services.

Web Design

Website Development

We know & understand creating a website isn't an easy task  and many people will hold off on developing their website because of the amount of work that goes into. We got you!

Business Team

Small Business Consulting

Get to the next level in your business. Consulting allows you to open up to new ideas to get your business to new levels of growth through strategic methods that work. 


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Logo design

Digital Media

Photography -WA-

Videography -WA-


Tasha Robinson-White

Event Planner




Tammy Holyfield

Strategic Business Coach



DISC Assessment Specialist




Tammy Holyfield

CEO & Founder of Holyfield International

Ailina is a marketing genius with advanced knowledge of current social media marketing trends and what is working in the industry for business owners. She is especially skilled and talented in developing strong marketing strategies that work and easy to understand for business owners and entrepreneurs.

I believe her consulting professionalism is one of her strongest value propositions. She is always client-centric in her business practices. It’s been a real pleasure working with her for more than 3 years!"


Christopher Perea

Licensed Realtor

"There’s no question in today’s world Social Media and Internet Marketing are key components when establishing an online presence. After a brief consultation with Ailina, I realized how much Social Media, Web Design, and Graphic Design detail were important when establishing an internet presence.


Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, an Internet Marketing-Social Media specialist is beneficial in growing your business as well as expanding to audiences across the globe. Ailina C social media services provide just that. I will definitely continue to consult with her as my business expands."

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Tasha Robinson-White

Certified Behavioral Practioner & Founder of Vangaurdian Global

"Ailina is so many things to me and my business. We met 5 years ago, but I feel like we've known each other forever. I think because, throughout our working relationship, she became my confidant and my friend.


Ailina is a great listener, which is really a superpower when it comes to translating thoughts and ideas into a digital platform or website. Which is why I hired her to build my website. She made this process easy and worked in a timely fashion which was AWESOME! Ailina is my go-to and my recommendation when it comes to web design and social media. "


Kevin White

Life Coach & Lead Training Facilitator

"Ailina is a Rock Star! Over the years I have worked with and hired numerous professionals. Ailina is at the top of the list when it comes to drive, collaboration, work ethic, and vision. When she was first hired I wasn't sure what to expect. It was after our first conversation I realized she was the right person for the job(s).


Ailina's patience and attention to detail are what made the biggest difference for me. She asked the right questions and even though I was not always crystal clear with my vision and where I wanted to go she always came through with exactly what I needed. I would hire Ailina in a heartbeat when the opportunity to work with her presented itself."

Do you have questions on what you can be doing better in your business, especially in marketing? This initial consultation is the where you can go to get the answers that...
Business Strategy Consultation
1 hr