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Don't ever dim your light because others don't want you to shine. You deserve to shine for yourself and no one else. 


Life can be full of bullshit a lot of the time, and sometimes that bullshit can really get the best of us. My name is Ailina Calip and I am here to tell you, that it is okay that life is hard. I myself have gone through a handful of crazy things ranging from childhood trauma, abuse, sexual abuse, and life just knocking me down at all the worst times. 

Despite the many setbacks that I've gone through, I've also accomplished so much, which goes to show that we are not defined by our past but simply molded by it. I've completed my Bachelor's Degree in Business with a focus in Marketing and I have consulted many companies and business owners along the way. I bring a very holistic approach to Marketing by being authentic and true to your brand.

Through my experience working with different businesses, it has brought to light my passion of being a voice in the female entrepreneurship world and sharing my personal experiences to help you in your own life. I have lived through childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and relationship trauma, which I will share more in my articles. If you have experienced any of these things, you know that the outcome can be difficult as we grow up into womanhood and affecting our future relationships. 

Life and business are one in the same, business owners start their own business with a vision in mind, to share their love and passion with the world. In life, we are searching for our passions and finding fulfillment in life, and I will guide you through the many aspects that I have experienced and how to take those experiences and use them to grow into a more fulfilled and true-self.